There are many harvesting techniques we use in our lands. Because of the morphology of the grounds and of the typology of the cultivar Carolea in the Zagarise area, it is difficult to effect a mechanized type of harvests. In fact, the territory is situated in preSila hills, and the olive-groves, centenary and sometimes millennial, present themselves with ample trunks, and it is very difficult to take by the shaker

scuotitore Fig. 1 Oiland Shaker* Watch Video.

bacchiatura Fig. 2 Hand Harvest*

Modern mechanical method means allows a rapid harvest, more than traditional methods, but it can be used for young plants  and in lowlands.

But, in the zones where the grounds and the plants allow it, also our Agricultural Firm uses the mechanical methods.

At Zagarise, accordingly, the most used system is that of the beating of the trees with very flexible poles, with the nets positionated around the tree. Diffused is also the harvest to hand directly from the tree (Fig. 2).

In conclusion, all the harvesting techniques are in a context of quality that  OILAND pursues like strategy that contemplates a production of quality.

*pictures: all rights reserved.

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